Staying in a B&B is not the same as a staying in a hotel. B&Bs are much more intimate and homely. This comfortable atmosphere can sometimes cause people to forget their manners and make things unpleasant for the owners and other guests. It is important to remember that you are a guest and should behave accordingly. B&Bs are great for romantic getaways or business trips that last a few days. When staying at a B&B remember these rules.

1. Stick to the schedule

Most B&Bs have set times for breakfast. They also have policies about non-paying guests and what time doors are locked, etc. Keep to this schedule as the owner has a good reason for running the establishment in this way.

2. Respect the B&B property

When you stay in a hotel, there are cleaning services and mass produced furniture and other supplies. This is not the case when you stay at a B&B. The owner most likely supplies everything and has a limited supply. He or she will do a lot of the cleaning themselves and may have to throw away linens that are stained or furniture that has been damaged. Use everything with great care and consider the owners.

3. Be friendly

A B&B is a more personal, intimate, and homely alternative to a hotel. The owners and other guests will most likely want to get to know you and share information about the town and history, etc. Be friendly and have conversations. If you would prefer more privacy and anonymity, a B&B may not be your best option.

4. Enquire about special requests before you go

If you have allergies or have special food requirements, enquire about the availability and if the B&B will be able to accommodate these requests. Any extra equipment or electronics you want to bring along need to be checked with the owners. Find out if it is allowed and whether they can accommodate these.

5. Leave a tip

People are often unsure whether they should leave a tip. The answer is ‘yes, you should’. Acknowledge the extra effort and care that you receive in a B&B. Show gratitude for the hard work the owners put in to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

These are considered unwritten rules, but they should actually be common sense. Follow these rules and you will have a wonderful stay and great company at a B&B and most likely have a few new friends.