1877 House is very involved in the community and has several partners in the health and wellness fields. Our guests can use these professionals and their services during their visit. Our partners include wellness professionals, doctors, and fitness centers. We all work together to support the Illinois community and help those in need. We raise funds and offer services at reduced rates for those in need.

Our partners include:

Destiny Community and Fitness Centre


The Destiny Community center is very close to our hearts and we volunteer there from time to time. They offer fitness classes and equipment at affordable costs. They are open to anyone from the community and do great work to keep our young people active and off the streets.

Advocate Health Care


We support the Illinois Professionals Health Program (IPHP). This is a program for health care professionals that supports them and ensures that they offer safe practice and professional service.

Jean Valley – Cardio Expert

Jean Valley is another great partner. She is an expert in cardio health and fitness. She does wonderful work with her research and has helped many patients get better.

Lynn Wilde – Homeopath

Lynn Wilde practices homeopathy and is also a qualified MD. She believes in holistic medicine and we have had a wonderful partnership with her and her practice.

John Douglas – Fitness Instructor

John Douglas has been in the fitness industry for many many years and we love working with him. He offers classes at 1877 House when guests request them. We support him by recommending him to all our guests and friends.