1877 House is a beautiful property with gardens, grass, and countryside surroundings. All that didn’t just happen. We had some help. We are very proud of our landscaping partners. They made our B&B look amazing and inviting and we recommend them to anyone. There are several landscaping services operating in or near the state of Illinois and they are all very good.

Our landscaping partners include:

Majestic Home Gardens Landscaping

These guys cleaned up and made our B&B picture-pretty within a few weeks. They do a wonderful job and have great vision when it comes to design and being environmentally friendly. They still do maintenance every season to make sure everything stays beautiful. Check them out on Facebook.

Eco-Gardens and Homes

This wonderful company is owned by Peter Jones. Their services are aimed at improving homes and gardens when it comes to eco-friendliness. They revamp gardens to save energy and be more environmentally friendly. They also do landscaping from scratch and use only environmentally friendly methods and products as far as possible.

John’s Plant and Hardware

John is a community legend and his warehouse offers anything you could dream of when it comes to plants, vegetables, etc. His plants and hardware are of the best quality and very affordable. We support him any chance we get. He helped us start our vegetable and herb garden.

Kelly’s Water Specialists

Kelly’s provides sprinkler systems and other methods of watering gardens and plants. They also have environmentally friendly options and educate the community on what to do and what to avoid when using water.

Outdoor Lifestyles, LLC

Operating in several locations, Outdoor Lifestyles, LLC designs and builds custom outdoor living spaces for both residential and commercial use, including custom decks, pergolas, gazebos, hardscapes, patios, porches and more. We owe the gorgeous wraparound porch and gazebo at our B&B to the handiwork of Erik and Bob. Check out their website.

All our partners do great work and are prominent in the community. They not only serve the area through their businesses but also in a personal capacity.