While hotels are great, bed and breakfasts are better. After all, a bed and breakfast will give you a more personalized experience than a popular hotel. Whether or not you’ve stayed at a bed and breakfast before, here are a few reasons why you should stay at a bed and breakfast instead of a hotel!

  1. Homemade Food

Hotels either offer general continental breakfast with options like cereal and bagels or a pricy luxurious breakfast. There is usually no in-between. On the other hand, bed and breakfasts offer an authentic homemade breakfast that’s usually free of charge. Usually, bed and breakfasts offer breakfast options that are special to their history or their location.

  1. Amenities

There’s nothing worse than staying at a hotel that has free wi-fi, only to find out you have a time limit or the connection is extremely weak. While this is a pain in the butt, it makes sense. After all, hotels have to provide wi-fi for hundreds of guests. On the other hand, bed and breakfasts usually only have to provide wi-fi for a few guests. So, wi-fi is usually free and fast.

In addition to wi-fi, most bed and breakfasts offer more efficient amenities than hotels, such as concierge services.

  1. Unique Design

Most bed and breakfasts have some sort of theme. Whether or not that theme is relevant to the bed and breakfast’s location or area, guests will be immersed in a unique experience that has a stark contrast to the general monochromatic modern theme that most popular hotels have.

  1. Comfort

Bed and breakfasts usually have certain comfortability elements that hotels don’t have, such as fireplaces and complimentary mini bars. Also, employees at bed and breakfasts usually go out of their way to make your experience personalized and comfortable.

  1. History

Overall, bed and breakfasts have denser, more interesting histories than hotels. While staying at a bed and breakfast, you have the opportunity to talk to the owner about their history with the bed and breakfast, as well as the overall history of the property. That’s something you definitely can’t do while staying at a hotel.